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Storz GmbH was founded in 1979 as a family company by Wolfgang Storz. He combined his profound work experience in
the fields of high voltage constructions and dosage units to build a customer oriented company.

The former competences could be found in systems engineering, dosage technology and customerized soldering for
renowned companies at home and abroad. Later on the techniques and systems were improved and adjusted to the
unique customer demands. Several special systems could be developed, tested and improved for customers benefit.

From the beginning Storz company was looking for a close customer service and in enhancing the systems and technology
to make them better and more useful..

In 1988 Bernd Storz joints the company and assumed the leadership in 2001.

Today Storz is working close together in a network with well-known suppliers and external companies to match the
customer's needs around the world fast and reliable. At present the dosage technology and measuring and controlling
systems for dye colours are a huge field of business.
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